Monday, August 3, 2009

Business Coaches - Why You Should Consider Hiring One

By: Grayson Thrush

Hiring a Denver business coach can be extremely useful, even transformative, for a given organization. There are several reasons for this; nevertheless this type of expense can be a tough sell to key decision makers. After all, who knows more about the business at hand than they?

For one, a good Denver business consultant will bring perspective to the table. He or she will see your organization, and its strengths and weaknesses, the way only an outsider can. A Denver business coach will help identify successes to be celebrated, as well as opportunities to be pursued. Missed opportunities plague countless organizations, and a mentor figure can help mitigate this problem.

A qualified Denver business consultant has insight into market conditions of which management may be wholly unaware. This ties back to missed opportunities in that, if one is even somewhat blind to the true conditions of the marketplace, projects can and will be steered in the wrong direction. If you can gain a broader sense of your competitors, potential clients and market trends, you will find yourself poised for greater success.

A mentor can also assist in identifying opportunities for improvement with regard to organizational structure and human resource issues. Most organizations are not structurally optimized. You should seek to fully utilize each employee's skill set. Furthermore, a strong tradition of continuous learning will foster growth, and therefore effectiveness, within each and every employee in your organization.

Many regulated industries face mandatory compliance issues. There is Denver business consulting available for just this purpose. A seasoned professional will help you through the compliance process in the most efficient manner possible. For example, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act created enormous burdens on corporations with regard to financial reporting. Entire information technology (IT) systems and accounting departments had to be overhauled in order to ensure compliance. This type of paradigm shift can cause ill-prepared organizations either to spend more money than necessary, or fail altogether to achieve compliance. In this case, failure itself can bear out to be very costly indeed.

In many cases, it is simply the need for a fresh set of eyes that drives corporate leaders to consult with a Denver business coach. It is all too easy for an organization to get bogged down in old paradigms that are now outmoded by new ones. The money that is spent to hire a business coach will be recuperated many times over through gains in efficiency and avoidance of costly mistakes.


Jamey said...


A small business coach can help any business owner craft a custom strategy to resolve these or other specific issues or problems. Utilizing a business coach can help lower the risk of costly missteps. It can also help you find ways to more effectively do what you need to do such as improving internal communication, creating a budget, controlling costs or measuring your financial performance.

Evan said...

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Layne Adams said...

Great post! Today, more women are seeking executive coaching consultant than ever before and it's no surprise. The new economy is best suited for women who are ready to claim their success.

sigsoogca said...

A good coach also looks out for your personal well-being by keeping you focused on work/life balance when the stresses of your job become overwhelming.

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