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Small Business Marketing Strategies to Level the Playing Field

Small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to market online may find their business competing against much larger companies with deeper pockets. However, don't let the size of the competition intimidate you. To market your business successfully, regardless of size, start incorporating some of the following marketing tips as part of your online marketing strategy to help grow your business fast.

Identify Your Niche Bigger isn't always better. It's impossible to be everything to everyone. If you can determine which group of prospective customers you're getting the best results from then narrow your niche to cater to that specific group and give them what they're asking for.

Position Yourself as an Expert Assuming you know everything there is to know about your product and/or service, position yourself as an expert. Those who are known as experts can command more money and often get more media attention, which translates into free advertising. Truth be told, the title of specialist and/or expert status is more credible than the generalist or even professional.

Build Relationships Building relationships with your customers is an important piece of any successful marketing strategy and will have you rise above your competitors. Taking the time to get to know your customers needs, wants and desires will prove helpful in creating any future products and/or services and leaves the customer feeling important and special. Imagine how you would feel if a business you frequented used your feedback to better serve you. There is no better way to market your business than word of mouth referrals and it's always easier to get business from existing customers who are happy with your product/service then to try and recruit new ones.

Follow Up Set up a system to keep track of all your customers and prospective customers who show an interest in your product/service. Collect names and contact information and be creative in keeping in touch with them on a regular basis. Send emails or cards on their birthday and holidays. Invite them to sign up for a free newsletter and include quality content, special sales, discount coupons and other valuable goodies.

Create a Marketing Plan Customize your marketing strategies to fit your target audience and make it an integral piece of your marketing plan and business. Plan your marketing activities to take place daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly and then stick the schedule.

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From Andrea Chin an online marketing consultant passionate about helping small businesses and entrepreneurs market themselves more effectively to boost their business and produce more profits.

The Need for a Business Consultant

Business consultants are very useful in setting up and running businesses as they can provide useful advises and related help on Management consultancy, Business consultancy, online business management, performance management, workforce management etc. Management consultants help speed up matters when the going gets tough.

The present business environment is not very encouraging. This makes it all the more important to optimize your resources by planning well and executing the ideas derived immediately. Denver business consultants face intellectual challenges on a daily basis as they have to cater to different businesses working in different environments and resource levels, but nevertheless have to create good results all the while.

Sufficient professional expertise is required for a business management consultant to become successful. Some start by working under proven and experienced seniors, but later set up own shop after gaining enough knowledge. They need to accumulate skills for solving unseen problems, should have excellent communication skills, management capabilities etc. The ability to schedule and delegate work, computer proficiency and competence to work in extreme pressure situations make a consultant stand out in the field.

The business consultants do not even need a degree in business administration. Practical knowledge acquired by self-education (reading business journals and other related literature) and working for experienced consultants can mould any interested person into a good business consultant. Some greenhorn consultants deliberately work for non-profit organizations, internship or associate himself with a consulting firm on a part time basis to gain valuable experience.

There are many consultants who specialize in specific areas, like organizational management, work management, job management etc. A typical assignment involves making the proposal, conducting brainstorming sessions for the clients, gathering of data, analyzing the data and final presentation before the clients. The work is not as simple as it seems, because the prestige of the consultant is also at stake here. If a company flops even after implementing the blue print prepared by the Denver business consultant, the reputation of the consultant would suffer.

Business consultants can help you irrespective of whether your company is old or new. An experienced consultant can easily give new ideas for your unsuccessful old business venture. They are in great need all over and corporations, multi-nationals, non-profit organizations, government institutions etc employ their services.

I told you earlier that business management consultants are in great need these days. So there have been efforts from many quarters to create a directory of all such consultants in UK with their names, addresses, web site details, contact numbers etc. This kind of an endeavor is helpful for both the consultant professionals as well as those looking to acquire their services. If you are a consultant professional, you can provide all your details to such online directories and people would come in search of you. On the other hand, if you are the proprietor of a firm and want to employ a business consultant, there is no better place to look than such a directory.

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Business Consultants Can Help Your Company Achieve Better Positioning

An important factor in any company's success is their market position and this is an area where a business consultant can have a positive effect. Achieving the best position can best be accomplished by utilising the services of a professional who knows how to guide your efforts.

You may have started your company with a clear vision for its future but chances are that, as the years passed, you lost sight of that original focus. Success depends on knowing where you want to go and then working backward to ensure you get there. One way a business consultant will help you to achieve position is by working with you to define your company's mission, values, and vision.

The Mission

A company mission statement clearly identifies its purpose. It should be based on the reason you are in your business and keep in mind your motives and values. Think of a mission statement as a way of expressing why you do what you do: why you offer your products or services, why you are targeting particular customers, why you want to make your business profitable.

Company Values

The values your company integrates into doing business are largely tied to a personal belief system. Values create meaning which guides your personnel, as well as their behaviours. A business' values dictate how people and the environment are treated.

The Vision

Think back to that first vision you had for your company. This concept of the future needs to remain clear in order to become the motivating factor in your success. Assess whether or not your current business environment is conducive to that original vision. If you have already achieved your preliminary goals, then it is time to set new ones and create a new vision that will cover the next five years of operation.


You will want to ensure that all stakeholders in your business are aware of the mission statement and values and vision you created. Promote these concepts through consistent publication. Don't make customers or vendors guess what you stand for or what you wish to achieve. They can become your strongest allies in getting your company to a better position in the market.

Too often a company forgets its vision of the future, but a Denver business consultant can quickly and efficiently get them back on track. By examining, or re-examining, the mission statements and values and vision of the business, it will be poised to achieve a greater market position.

Chris Jenkinson has been a business consultant for many years. He provides further advice about consulting services on the GizTheBiz blog.