Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Business Consultants Can Help Your Company Achieve Better Positioning

An important factor in any company's success is their market position and this is an area where a business consultant can have a positive effect. Achieving the best position can best be accomplished by utilising the services of a professional who knows how to guide your efforts.

You may have started your company with a clear vision for its future but chances are that, as the years passed, you lost sight of that original focus. Success depends on knowing where you want to go and then working backward to ensure you get there. One way a business consultant will help you to achieve position is by working with you to define your company's mission, values, and vision.

The Mission

A company mission statement clearly identifies its purpose. It should be based on the reason you are in your business and keep in mind your motives and values. Think of a mission statement as a way of expressing why you do what you do: why you offer your products or services, why you are targeting particular customers, why you want to make your business profitable.

Company Values

The values your company integrates into doing business are largely tied to a personal belief system. Values create meaning which guides your personnel, as well as their behaviours. A business' values dictate how people and the environment are treated.

The Vision

Think back to that first vision you had for your company. This concept of the future needs to remain clear in order to become the motivating factor in your success. Assess whether or not your current business environment is conducive to that original vision. If you have already achieved your preliminary goals, then it is time to set new ones and create a new vision that will cover the next five years of operation.


You will want to ensure that all stakeholders in your business are aware of the mission statement and values and vision you created. Promote these concepts through consistent publication. Don't make customers or vendors guess what you stand for or what you wish to achieve. They can become your strongest allies in getting your company to a better position in the market.

Too often a company forgets its vision of the future, but a Denver business consultant can quickly and efficiently get them back on track. By examining, or re-examining, the mission statements and values and vision of the business, it will be poised to achieve a greater market position.

Chris Jenkinson has been a business consultant for many years. He provides further advice about consulting services on the GizTheBiz blog.

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