Monday, August 3, 2009

Business Success - Do You Really Need a Business Coach?

Lately, in the last few years or so we see thousands and thousands of websites popping up with so-called Denver business coach. Perhaps, this is because the word Denver business consultant is now dead, beaten to a pulp and over used. Today, anyone who is a Denver business consultant is mostly likely unemployed, ah, but a Business Coach, well that is something truly incredible we are led to believe. Denver business coach is the new buzzword and even people with Six Sigma certification are using it, but why?

A consultant with a Six Sigma certification is certainly worth their salt, so why are they starting to use the word; Coach? An even better question is; why would an entrepreneur or CEO hire such a "business-coach" who had never been in Denver business consulting or worked at the level they are? Interestingly enough, Dave Thomas Founder of Wendy's Hamburger had an interesting saying; "Why on Earth would I take advice from someone about financial affairs from someone with less money than me?"

Now, many coaches might say that sports coaches are older and cannot compete with their star athletes, but they still do a great job. Do they? A good sports Denver business coach in my opinion would be someone who had achieved the same level previously, even if they are older now and cannot today.

So, does Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretsky, Pele, Magic Johnson really need a coach? If you say yes, and I say no, then this is where we disagree, but that's okay, because you are probably a coach and I am not buying your services you see?

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