Monday, December 8, 2008

The BIG 10 Questions that Could Change your Business

by Life & Business Coach Dieter Pauwels October 17, 2008

Successful organizations understand that the key to increased productivity and profitability lies in the ongoing professional and personal development of people.

These companies create an environment where people can grow, develop their unique talents and align their values with a corporate vision.

Your answers to the following 10 questions might illuminate some areas for improvement:
  1. What is your level of commitment to the personal development of your staff?

  2. Do you know what motivates and inspires your staff and/or employees?

  3. What are your company’s vision and core values, and how do you communicate them within your organization?

  4. Are you confident your top people will be with your organization 1 year from now? How do you know?

  5. If you would be asked to rank your leadership skills on a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rank yourself? How confident are you with your answer?

  6. How do you empower your staff or employees to help them co-create your company’s culture?

  7. Does your organization inspire creativity and open dialogue?

  8. Are you getting the results you want?

  9. Do your managers and/or employees have the necessary tools, skills and commitment to help others develop their true potential?

  10. What do you want more of within your organization? What’s missing?

More and more companies hire a business coach to work with individuals or teams within their organization to facilitate changes within the context of the organizations’ culture to achieve extraordinary results.

Business coaching is focused on individuals, not business systems. It allows you to move your organization to the next level by investing in your employees at the highest level: in them as people.

Coaching is about developing the most important aspect in business today: leadership from within. It is only when people can effectively manage themselves that they can effectively manage, inspire, encourage and lead others.

Companies hire a coach to work with individuals or teams within their organization to:

  • Improve individual performance and self confidence
  • Increase effectiveness and productivity
  • Establish open dialogue and creativity
  • Improve communication skills (interpersonal and negotiation)
  • Retain employees
  • Align personal values and beliefs with a corporate vision
  • Create a leadership attitude
  • Gain clarity to make objective and thoughtful decisions
  • Assist in developing measurable goals and taking responsibility
  • Improve time management
  • Build leadership, management and team building skills
  • Manage work related stress
  • Increase energy and overall well-being

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