Monday, December 15, 2008

Send Napoleon Hill Ahead to Prepare the Way

With all of the negative in the news today, it is sometimes hard to envision positive outcomes for the year ahead. I was talking about this problem with my good friend Ron Hoestery and he shared something amazing with me. With his permission, I am copying the note he sent me for all of you to read. Think about Ron's message and see how it changes your plans for the coming year.

To my friends,

As you know, there are a group of guys I meet with each Tuesday morning that sit as a kind of Board of Directors in my life. This morning we made the first of our plans for next year. I wanted to share the first goal with you.

"Next year will be the best year of my life regardless of the circumstances I am in"

Napolean Hill was a famous motivational speaker during the depression and through the war years of the 40's and early fifties. He would always send his positive side of his mind ahead (he called it Norm Hill) to make things happen before he got there. For instance he speaks of a time when he was demonstrating this principle to a friend as he was going to the bank. His friend said, "Napoleon, you know there won't be any parking at the bank at this time of day." Napoleon replied, don't you worry, I sent Norm Hill ahead to make sure we had a spot." As Napoleon recounts as they pulled up, a spot right in front opened up and they pulled right in. I have found this principle to work when I am going to meetings or uncomfortable situations or any circumstance when there is uncertainty to prepare my mind for success regardless of the outcome. It is interesting that when this principle is employed, the outcome is usually better.

So, using this same concept, we have decided that we are going to have a great year and find those things, activities, and perspective that will make it a great year whether or not we are making money, losing money, living high on the hog, or looking for the hog.

Thanks for all of your continued support and friendship.

Ron Hoesterey

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