Friday, January 2, 2009

Business Tips They Don't Teach you At School

If you have recently graduated deom college with your MBA, congratulations, but don't think that you're going to be a Fortune 500 Company CEO quite yet. Graduating with a business degree sets you up with knowledge and rules in which you should operate under, but just like with any degree, there are some eventualities that business school simply can't prepare you for. Let's take a look at a few basic tips every businessman can take to heart, even if they go against what they taught you in school.

Don't be afraid to take chances

One habit that many young business men and women have beat out of them by the time they receive their degree is their desire to take chances. You can succeed in business by taking a measured approach to every situation, but you will likely end up hating your job. There are going to be times when it is up to you to grasp that brass ring, and you may have to put your neck on the line to do so. The key is to know when the odds might be in your favor to do so and when you might get your head chopped off. It will probably take a few times around the block before you can recognize these openings, but don't let too many go by, you only get so many chances to make or break your business career.

You will make mistakes

Working hand in hand with the previous point, many recent business school grads think that if they move slowly enough and are careful enough, they won't anger anyone and they won't make any horrendous mistakes, either. Think about it, though. What fun would life be without making mistakes? By not making mistakes, you aren't taking any risks, and what is business without risk? It is normal for a recent grad to not want to make any waves when they first get hired, but it is equally as undesirable to simply blend in with the woodwork.

Don't accept no, no matter what

Being a successful business leader is all about desire and commitment. Getting your MBA, on the other hand, is all about compromise and being as vanilla as you can. If you are serious about making it in the world of business, you need to develop a memorable personality as soon as you can. If a client that you absolutely want to get keeps turning you down, don't be afraid to go the extra mile to bag them. It is up to you to think of creative ways to entice a client into seeing things your way. The more creative you are, the more personality that shows through and the more determined you are, the more successful you will be in the world of business. There are times to compromise and move on; you simply have to know when to refuse to lose.

When most people get their MBA, they think they have successfully built a home they can move into. The truth is that your MBA is only the foundation, and it is up to you to build the rest.

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